I let’s get started… I’ll be honest, I do want to see Lady Liberty and the 9/11 museum. And I do want to see Times Square, but the thing that interests me more than anything in New York is Broadway! My perfect New York vacation would be to have a leisurely breakfast each morning, go and do some exploring during the day, and then come back to the hotel and get ready for dinner and a show. I think I am going to try my best to make that happen within the next year or so. My hope is to do this trip with my sisters and maybe some girl cousins since our hope is to go through DC, which is where my aunt lives. Taking this trip with a group of girls would probably be a good idea, since ladies are more likely to want to do the same kind of things, and it’s safer, and more fun, to be part of a group.

I’m not finding exactly what I’m looking for, so let’s look at some of Broadway’s history today. Broadway is made up of about forty theaters. The first real theater came to New York in 1750, and continued to develop throughout the 1800’s as more theater companies were established. A lot of Shakespeare plays were performed at various theaters during this era. Musicals didn’t even begin appearing on Broadway until after the Civil War

I hope to be more together tomorrow. Let me know if you would like to do a trip to New York taking in some Broadway plays. I would be more than happy to help you.

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