#1 in Riviera Maya


I’m kind of feeling the Friday morning blues, part of me is ready to get work over with, but there is a lot I still want to do today.

Anyway, today let’s discuss a new resort that opened just nine months ago in the Riviera Maya, and has already risen to the number one spot on TripAdvisor’s recommendations for that area. This property is also getting a lot of business, and its popularity is growing throughout the region.

This is one place that truly works at being all-inclusive. You’re likely to get free bottled water, coffee, and wifi at a lot of different resorts. But would you get free biking tours? Are you going to be served high tea each afternoon? The resort is also about to go to a wristband system which will allow you to basically be able to leave everything in your suite except your beach stuff. There is a full spa there with a wide variety of services available to you. There is a fitness center on the property so you can keep up your workout routine. There are also some restaurants and bars on the property as well.

This is a resort families love. Some couples have enjoyed romantic getaways there as well. I think I am going to stop here and get some other things done. I would love to know your thought on this resort, or this blog.

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