Chicago on the cheap #1


I feel like I need to be honest about something. I read some about blogging, and some people are convinced that you should blog each day, and other people are convinced that you shouldn’t and would be better off doing other things instead. While I plan on diving into some of these other things once my family is home from our trip, I feel like I should keep blogging each day to make sure that I don’t leave this behind. I’ve had other blogs before, and if I try to set a schedule like twice a week, things usually go downhill pretty quickly.

Today I thought we’d look at Chicago, which happens to be another place my family and I visited twenty years ago. The article I’m kind of using as my guide is talking about doing Chicago on a hundred dollars per weekend, but he’s just one person. Let’s look at what a family might do for an inexpensive weekend in Chicago. This guy is not counting what it costs to actually get there or his hotel.. His first stop was a place called Pequod’s Pizza which has some five dollar lunch specials. Pizza is one of my favorite foods, so this is making me hungry. Pequod’s is a sports bar, but Chicago is known for pizza, so you have to try it and during lunch shouldn’t be bad as far as “bar scenes”. This city is great to walk around in, especially if you aren’t from a big city. Walk around in Millennium Park, enjoy watching all the people in the area

I think I am going to stop here and continue on this tomorrow.. Let me know if you are interesting.


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