Best Western/Vib


My church is having prayer week, something we do two or three times a year, which means we have meetings each night. So that means I need to do everything I want to do during the day. So it is just going to be kind of a crazy week.

Once again, I am going to write about a news story that has caught my eye.. I think I’ve written before about how my family stays with family or friends more than staying in hotels when we travel. I think most of our hotel stays were when Dad’s job was moving us, and we would have to live in a hotel a month or two while we found our house. I think we’ve stayed in a Best Western at least once during our moves. And I think of Best Western hotels as very family friendly. Anyway, this company is in the news today because it is going to be offering a new brand called Vib [but it’s pronounced vibe, and I’m not sure why they decided to drop that e. I should have just kept on reading, Vib is short for vibrant which makes a little more sense anyway.] Vib is going to be a hip place, especially for those that are tech savvy. This concept is primarily going to be for urban areas. These hotels are going to be modern in their design, and is going to encourage social interaction. You will be able to find plenty of electronic outlets and usb ports. You will also be able to stream anything you wish on the tvs in your rooms.. Other things you will find at these hotels : “grab-n-go” stations where you will find food and coffee, nice work stations in your rooms, and fireplaces where you can chat with other guests.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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