The Brando #2

My hope is to accomplish more than I did yesterday, getting an earlier start on this should help. I am, much to my frustration, having problems. Right now I’m trying to work around the problems, but hopefully we are going to figure this out.

But let’s get back to The Brando.. All of your meals are included in the price. There are two restaurants in this resort, Beachcomber Café and Les Mutines which is more formal. A chef will prepare your meals to your specifications whether you choose to eat in either restaurant or have your meals delivered to your villa any time you wish. The cuisine is mostly French with some Tahitian flavors mixed in. Most beverages are already included, but there are some high end wines you’ll have to pay extra for.

At this resort, they’ll give you one spa treatment per day you’re staying at the resort. It is unclear to me from this article whether both you and your spouse get a treatment each day, or if you’ll have to alternate. You are also going to get one excursion per day per guest. There are snorkeling trips you can go on.. This is one resort that definitely delivers on its promises, or so this columnist says.. Please let me know if you would like anymore information on this place.

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