Puerto Rico


Last week we had a lot going on with church. Yesterday was a huge day at church, and I thoroughly enjoyed that. And then, kind of to our surprise, we had out of town guests come as we were getting home from church last night. So anyway, things have just been busy lately.

Let’s talk about Puerto Rico today. Puerto Rico has something for everyone. From wonderful architecture to magnificent cuisine to mountain climbing. And the people who are in charge of its tourism industry are looking ahead. The first move they are going to make is to build three new hotels, which combined are going to have about five hundred room. The first added hotel will be a Hyatt which will be geared to those who are intending to stay a while.. There will also be a Vanderbilt hotel built which will be a five-star property, which will have all the modern conveniences. The third hotel will be more of a boutique hotel.

The tourism industry feels like their lack of hotel accommodations has held them back from reaching their full potential. They have seen a lot more cruise ships coming into their ports. They saw this growth after doing some work on the ports themselves. They have also worked on the airports, and have seen more people coming through that way as well.. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about what Puerto Rico has to offer. I’d be more than willing to help you out.

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