Quantum eating


I could not do anything on the computer yesterday. My sister helped me do a computer restore, and my hope is that this will take care of my computer problems for a while… I confess, my mind is on other things today, like getting the programs I need back on my computer, so I can work and things like that… I also know today is a holiday of sorts, but I’ve never been into anything spooky or anything like that. The best part about today is that the real holiday season, meaning Thanksgiving and Christmas, is approaching. Thanksgiving and Christmas I love, especially since I’ll get to be with my family.
Anyway, today let’s look at Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas new dining program. Most cruises assign guests a table, and that is where you will eat for each meal you have on the ship. But Quantum lets you decide where you want to sit at each meal. You will also be able to decide exactly when you want to eat. Quantum has a variety of restaurants and other eateries where you can eat, most of which will charge you nothing extra for eating there. You are encouraged to try as many of the restaurants as you would like.
I think I am going to go on to some other things. Let me know if you want to cruise on the Quantum.


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