Coming to the Virgin Islands…

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It is the day before we leave for Thanksgiving vacation, and I’m really not sure whether I’ll do this tomorrow. It just depends on when we leave. But anyway, let’s get down to business.

I’ve had a time trying to decide what to write about today. But I think I’ve found what I’m looking for finally. Let’s look at some new properties coming to the Virgin Islands. They have plans to build on an little island that is off St.Thomas Islands. If everything goes as planned, St. Thomas will have its first new resort in over two decades. And this is going to be an upscale resort.This will provide the area some new permanent jobs as well as expand tourism.

Know what? I think we are going to turn this into a variety post… Let’s turn our attention to a little known place in California. The area of Greater Palm Springs has great dining options, great weather, and a very relaxing atmosphere. For example, The city of Desert Hot Springs of course has hot springs, but it has cold springs as well. Travelers has been visiting the area since the springs were discovered. And the water is not just great to bathe in, it’s also great to drink.

I am going to go on and publish this. Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions.


Update on Sandals


We are leaving sometime Wednesday, and I’m just having trouble getting to work today. This is one of those time where I know I will have internet access, but I will not be working. I am going to just enjoy being with my family. I know some people have to work during the holidays, . My brother’s wife is one of those. She’s a nurse, and always works Thanksgiving so she can be off around Christmas and New Year’s. But hopefully whether you have to work over Thanksgiving or not, you will get some time with your family.. I’m blessed to have my own business and choose my own hours. So anyway…

Sandals Resorts is about to build several new properties which are going to have some new features to them. And one of the features is going to be over the water suites. They are also planning to put Jacuzzis inside each of these suites, as well as infinity pools outside. I’ve always been a fan of pools. Both because I think they’re pretty and because I love to swim.

Sandals will also be building some suite that have as many as four bedrooms, which is perfect for multi generational travel. And that is becoming a more popular way to travel as people live longer lives. Traveling gives families of any size a way to reconnect without the distract distractions of our daily lives. this is something you may want to look into more if the grandparents are getting older and are not up to hosting everyone.

Let me know if your family is interested in any of this. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.

Flight etiquette #2


It is Friday, and part of me is ready to be finished with work altogether, but there is so much I could be doing. I’m excited to have some things to do with friends this weekend. I think the break is going to do me a lot of good.

But let’s get back to flight etiquette.The first thing to remember is that a lot of people are going to be willing to work with you. Say you’re trying to sit with your family. A lot of people are going to understand that and switch places with you. Parents with small children sometimes get priority so they can keep their children content. If you are sitting beside someone you can not stand, it is acceptable to ask for an upgrade. Please be police about it without being obnoxious.

Everyone knows that on commercial flights, most people are pretty crowded. First class flyers may not feel this as much as everyone else. But for the rest of us, sometimes it feels like we’re packed in there like sardines. So if you’re the one that didn’t get to sit with the family during your flight, or maybe you specifically planned it that way, here are some ways to tell if the people you’re sitting with want to chat.

  • Some people just want some quiet. If they put on a set of headphones, that’s like putting the “Do Not Disturb” sign on a hotel room.
  • If you say hello, and they start telling you their lifestory, they want to talk on this trip. But if they give you short answers to your questions, it’s like wise to start reading the book you brought along.
  • If they’re by the time you get to the seat, ask them a couple of questions and just see how they respond.

I would love to know your thoughts about this. Or if you have any questions, please be sure to let me know.

Flight etiquette #1

I have finally figured out the majority of my computer problems. And to say I’m relieved is an understatement. Of course, it is also an understatement to say that I have a few things to catch up on. In light of that, let me go on and get started on this, so that I can get on to some other things.

Recently, there have been several cases of rude behavior on airplanes. It is my that people just want their own way, and who cares what anyone else thinks or feels. I see that in a lot of areas of society, and it truly makes me sad. As a Christian, I believe that we are to put others’ needs ahead of our own… But before I get on a soapbox here, let’s get back to travel. I do think this is something everyone needs to think about, especially with the holidays coming up.

The first thing that may help you is to wear something that will not make you look, or feel, like you’re slumming it. Yes, by all means, wear something comfortable. But at the same time, remember that you are going to be around many other people, and it is wise to put your best foot forward.

There is something to be said for just being nice. Everyone is in a hurry. Everyone just wants to get to their final destination. If you see a frazzled mother, be the one to try to help her. Be understanding with your stewardesses. They’re having to see to the needs of everyone on board… I think I am going to stop here for now and work more on this tomorrow.

Azul and Nickelodeon


I think I have my weekend pretty much planned. I have a couple of things with friends going on. And then in exactly one week we’ll be taking off to go to my sister’s for Thanksgiving. My whole family will be together, and I’m very excited about it. But I need to try to get some things done with work, my to do list feels ever.
But anyway, today let’s look at what Karisma Hotels and Resorts Azul Hotels is starting to plan for this summer. They are going to have Nicelodeon’s Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles available to hang out with your kids. Your kids will be able to go to meet-and-greets with these characters. There will also be chances for you and your children to eat with the characters. And this article also says that the characters may be able to visit kids in their rooms. But we’ll be able to get more details about that in the future.
Azul is hoping that their new relationship with Nickelodeon will enhance their appeal to families. In the past Azul has worked with Fisher Price, but they feel like moving to Nickelodeon will take them to the next step..
Azul is going to also offer guaranteed connected rooms, so that parents can know that their children are safe while still enjoying some privacy. They also have kids’ and teens’ clubs, and movie night complete with popcorn… Let me know if you would to like more about these properties. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Food choices on a cruise #2


I am in the midst of doing bookings. Still learning the “tricks of the trade” on that side of the business. But bookings are how I actually make money, and this is getting easier and less stressful each time I do this.
Now let’s get back to the discussion of food aboard the Quantum of the Sea. Le Cirque is a restaurant you will have to have reservations to go to. And it is likely that you will dine there only once during your cruise. They aren’t coming right out and saying this, but I get the feeling that this restaurant is expensive and is not included in the price of the cruise.
The Main Course is a specialty restaurant that is opened for all mealtimes. You will be eating meals, usually consisting of several courses, which are all regionally inspired. This restaurant does allow you to come whenever you wish, and caters to your wishes.
The Calanetto not only serves fine Italian cuisine, its dishes are meant to be shared with family and friends, which is truly the Italian way. My Grandma’s parents from Italy, and believe me, most of us like nothing better than big family meals with good food and lots of lively conversation.
These are just some of the food choices you’ll have on board the Quantum. Let me know if you are interested in taking one of these cruises.

Food choices on a cruise #1


This is kind of just going to be a crazy Monday. I have bookings I need to see about, and things like that. I think I’ve mentioned on here that my family and some of their friends are going on a cruise.
Today let’s look at some dining options on Quantum of the Seas, which is part of Holland America’s cruiselines. Apparently, once upon a time, your food choices on a cruise were pretty limited. Since I’m fairly new to the industry I’m not sure what these limited dining options were but my guess is that everyone would eat in the dining room three times a day, unless the ship had room service. But these days, ships have a variety of restaurants that you are free to choose from. Some you should make your reservations ahead of times. But they’ll also have burger joints and taco bars.
Holland America’s Culinary Arts Center was written up in “Food & Wine” magazine. Here you will have the opportunity to take cooking classes with the chefs who are preparing your meals. This is not just for the adults in your party, children and teens are also welcome to take cooking classes too. There are also classes on wine and wine tastings you can enjoy on board.
The Pinnacle Grill is one of the most romantic places to eat on board. You and your spouse can enjoy a romantic lunch or dinner there. This sounds like it will be a nicer steak and seafood place.. I am going to stop here for now and may pick back up tomorrow. Let me know if you have any questions.



Sometimes sure what I’ve been thinking. I’m trying to make some progress on some different work stuff.. I was just reading through travel news when I saw an article on Atlanta. The city is an hour and a half from where we live, and my sister and her family live in a suburb of Atlanta. That’s actually where we will be gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving. And while we mostly hang out around her house, we will occasionally take little trips into the city.
The first thing you should know is that Atlanta is home of one of the largest airports in the United States. They’ve recently added a separate international airport. I haven’t been to the new airport, but I have been inside the domestic airport several times, and it is fairly nice, with different restaurants to eat in and different shops to browse.
Atlanta claims to be where Coca-Cola was invented. I have to be careful with how I word that because the city I live in now makes the same claim… Atlanta does have a Coca-Cola museum. CNN and Turner Broadcasting are headquartered before in Atlanta, and you are welcome to take tours of those buildings. This city also has a lot of different museums you can explore, and restaurants you can try. It is also the home of Fox Theater if you want to take in a show or two while you are in the area.
I am going to stop here for now. Let me know if you have any thoughts or any questions. I’ve seen that I’ve had some new likes and followers lately, and for that I thank you.

A second day on adventures


Even without my e-mail, which I hope to figure out before much longer, I am finding other things I can be working on. So I am going to go on and get to this so I can get to some other things later on.
We are going to be returning to our adventure theme from yesterday. This one may seem a little odd, especially if you are trying to appease teenagers, but there are things that happen very early in the morning that happe
Another thing you might want to consider is walking to the different destinations you and your family would like to see in a city. Especially if your family lives in a small town, there is so much that goes on in a city. People play music on the streets. There are all kinds of street vendors selling food and other items. You may discover a out of the way restaurant that has a lot of local flavor.

Another thing I’d strongly recommend is use this time to get to know each other. Families are so busy these days with everything under the sun. Vacations may be the best time to have heart to heart with your children..

Even if you do end up at Grandma’s, doing some of these things are certainly not out of the question. Let me know your thoughts or any questions you might have.

Take an adventure together


I’m listening to Christmas music and am absolutely loving it. I must confess, I am something of a Christmas nut, I love everything about the holiday season… Well, maybe not Santa so much. But anyway… We’re here to discuss things related to travel.
So let’s say you have a couple of teenagers, and they’re complaining about “just going to the grandparents for the holidays”. Maybe it’s time for your family to make some traditions over Christmas… Ever watch those shows where people eat all these weird things? Maybe you and your family can take a food adventure together. Call around wherever you are going to go for the holidays and find a restaurant you haven’t tried, maybe even a cuisine you haven’t tried. Some restaurant will let you have cooking lessons in their restaurants. If your family has decided to go to Europe or anywhere out of the country for Christmas, you might want to consider taking a food class, or going on a food tour. Depending on your family, you might want to make a rule about each family member trying a bite of the different foods.
If your family is into zip lining, rock climbing, scuba diving, and things like that, you might want to try going to New Zealand for Christmas. This country is the perfect place to do all these things, and if your family wants to do something calmer one day, the Lord of the Rings movie series was also filmed here.. If you don’t want to go that far, Costa Rica is another great place to do adventurous stuff.
I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.