Themed hotels


This is one thing I can done without too many problems. My life feels pretty crazy with computer troubles and other personal problems right now. But I figure I might as well go on and work on this. I do enjoy writing.
Today we are going to look at, or at least start looking at, some themed hotels.. Themed hotels add some jazz to the average hotel experience. And staying in one, or a few, of these may be a great way for you and your family to take an adventure together.. First, there is a car themed hotel in Germany. Every guest that stays there will sleep in car beds and enjoy the vehicle artwork in each room. There is one section of this that will give you all the luxury that you want.
The next hotel we are going to look at is in Las Vegas, and it is a circus-themed hotel. This is one of the more family-friendly hotels in that area. They do incorporate some excitement of the strip along with carnival games… I think I am going to stop here for now and get on to some other things. Let me know if you would be interested in anything like this.

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