A second day on adventures


Even without my e-mail, which I hope to figure out before much longer, I am finding other things I can be working on. So I am going to go on and get to this so I can get to some other things later on.
We are going to be returning to our adventure theme from yesterday. This one may seem a little odd, especially if you are trying to appease teenagers, but there are things that happen very early in the morning that happe
Another thing you might want to consider is walking to the different destinations you and your family would like to see in a city. Especially if your family lives in a small town, there is so much that goes on in a city. People play music on the streets. There are all kinds of street vendors selling food and other items. You may discover a out of the way restaurant that has a lot of local flavor.

Another thing I’d strongly recommend is use this time to get to know each other. Families are so busy these days with everything under the sun. Vacations may be the best time to have heart to heart with your children..

Even if you do end up at Grandma’s, doing some of these things are certainly not out of the question. Let me know your thoughts or any questions you might have.

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