Food choices on a cruise #1


This is kind of just going to be a crazy Monday. I have bookings I need to see about, and things like that. I think I’ve mentioned on here that my family and some of their friends are going on a cruise.
Today let’s look at some dining options on Quantum of the Seas, which is part of Holland America’s cruiselines. Apparently, once upon a time, your food choices on a cruise were pretty limited. Since I’m fairly new to the industry I’m not sure what these limited dining options were but my guess is that everyone would eat in the dining room three times a day, unless the ship had room service. But these days, ships have a variety of restaurants that you are free to choose from. Some you should make your reservations ahead of times. But they’ll also have burger joints and taco bars.
Holland America’s Culinary Arts Center was written up in “Food & Wine” magazine. Here you will have the opportunity to take cooking classes with the chefs who are preparing your meals. This is not just for the adults in your party, children and teens are also welcome to take cooking classes too. There are also classes on wine and wine tastings you can enjoy on board.
The Pinnacle Grill is one of the most romantic places to eat on board. You and your spouse can enjoy a romantic lunch or dinner there. This sounds like it will be a nicer steak and seafood place.. I am going to stop here for now and may pick back up tomorrow. Let me know if you have any questions.

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