Flight etiquette #2


It is Friday, and part of me is ready to be finished with work altogether, but there is so much I could be doing. I’m excited to have some things to do with friends this weekend. I think the break is going to do me a lot of good.

But let’s get back to flight etiquette.The first thing to remember is that a lot of people are going to be willing to work with you. Say you’re trying to sit with your family. A lot of people are going to understand that and switch places with you. Parents with small children sometimes get priority so they can keep their children content. If you are sitting beside someone you can not stand, it is acceptable to ask for an upgrade. Please be police about it without being obnoxious.

Everyone knows that on commercial flights, most people are pretty crowded. First class flyers may not feel this as much as everyone else. But for the rest of us, sometimes it feels like we’re packed in there like sardines. So if you’re the one that didn’t get to sit with the family during your flight, or maybe you specifically planned it that way, here are some ways to tell if the people you’re sitting with want to chat.

  • Some people just want some quiet. If they put on a set of headphones, that’s like putting the “Do Not Disturb” sign on a hotel room.
  • If you say hello, and they start telling you their lifestory, they want to talk on this trip. But if they give you short answers to your questions, it’s like wise to start reading the book you brought along.
  • If they’re by the time you get to the seat, ask them a couple of questions and just see how they respond.

I would love to know your thoughts about this. Or if you have any questions, please be sure to let me know.

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