Babymoon in the Bahamas


It’s really quiet around my house lately and is going to be way until the day after Christmas. We should see the rest of my family next week, hopefully.

I know I’ve described a babymoon on here once before. But for those that don’t know, this is a trip a couple takes shortly before their baby comes. It is a time to relax and reconnect before the baby comes and demands the parents’ focus be on their newborn.. Even Mary and Joseph did this, sort of, though I don’t think their trip was relaxing by any means.. Anyway, Breezes Resort & Spa in the Bahamas has created a package especially for those who want to take babymoons. You will be able to get free room upgrades. The expecting mother will be able to get enough pillows to make her comfortable. You will be served breakfast in bed on the morning of your choice.You will also get his and her facials.

The resort itself is beautiful. While there, you will be enjoying a thousand foot sea beach as well as several fresh water pools. And as far as other activities, you can enjoy beach volleyball, rock wall climbing, and kayaking. There are several fine restaurants you can enjoy there as well… Let me know if you are interested in planning a babymoon. I’d be more than happy to help you.


Most expensive destinations for New Year’s


Does anyone really like working around the holidays? I’m having a horrible time concentrating on anything. But I am going to attempt to get the “necessary stuff” done this afternoon. Me My hope is that getting some vacation time with family is going to help with this slump I’ve been in lately.

Where are the most expensive places to celebrate New Year’s? New Orleans has been ranked the number one place to celebrate this holiday. So of course, it is also the most expensive. Since a lot of hotels are already booked to capacity for the holiday, most the other hotels are requiring that you stay at least two, if not three, nights.

Atlantic City may be the next highest. Your average hotel 300 price there is $350. The Big Apple is going to charge about $345, and Miami Beach comes in around $300.

Where are you going to be this New Year’s?

Traveling And eating well


I honestly don’t know what the next couples of weeks are going to be like as far as work goes. I know we are going to be busy for the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I’m not sure what this coming week holds. . And honestly, I could feel at loose ends right now. I didn’t get to any work stuff this morning, and feel like my mind is on a thousand other things. But I am going to make myself

 I know that a lot of people are getting into eating healthier these days. People are starting to really think about what they eat and where it comes from . And maybe you’ve figured out how to feed your family well while you’re at home, but haven’t quite figured out how to do that while on the road.

The first thing you might consider is going to a country where healthy eating is the norm. And a great example of that would be Japan. They live mostly on rice and fish, which is of course what sushi is made of. So that would be a great place to visit if you are not wanting cheat on your diet.

Look at the menus of the restaurants and choose the salads and other things that are good for you. Look up the places you are going and see if they have any organic restaurants.. Consider getting a place where you can cook for yourself . Please let me know what questions you have about this.

Take a cruise for New Year’s?


Do you have plans for New Year’s? It sounds like my siblings are going to gather after Christmas, and my hope is that most of us will be together on New Year’s…

Since the holiday is only two weeks away, I think it’s a little late to plan anything for this year, but there is always next year to consider… The first New Year’s cruise that is mentioned in the article I’m reading  Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas. All of their holiday cruises are filled with fun for the whole family. The menu choices will be sure to satisfy your holiday cravings. And of course, they will have a New Year’s celebration.

Azamara has a two week cruise that leaves from Singapore.On this cruise , you will spend Christmas in Bora Bora, and New Year’s in Hong Kong which puts on a big New Year’s celebration. you would get to eat barbecue with the crew and enjoy a nice dessert bar. Yum, I’m a huge fan of dessert.

If you would start the new year relaxing,, check out the Royal Clipper. It carries less than two hundred and fifty passenger . Everyone is going to get a massage and a bottle of champagne..

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Time warp, anyone?


I’ve been taking care of something that had a deadline today. I think that everything has been taken care of now thankfully. I am tired, but truly ggrateful to have everything figured out. Now to take care of the things I do each day. Like this…

This might interest those with school children more than anyone. Today I am going to talk about some American tours. Shebby Lee Tours may not be the most known tour company out there, but it is one of the more creative tours around. And all of their tours are based on history.

Are your children studying the Civil War in school? This company offers Civil War tours that would be the perfect supplement to their studies. Not only will your family get guided tours of all the major battlefields, you will also get to see several reenactments.

Or maybe you’re more into the explorers. You can follow the trails of Lewis and Clark, see some of the Arizona trails, and things like that.

Ooh, this would be my thing, they are going to start offering some literature tours. They are going to do a tour of The Great Gatsby, where you’ll feel like you’re living in that era.. Let me know if you’re interested in these tours.

Do inexpensive travel right


Today has been one of those days where I’m having problems getting to work. I’ve had computer problems, which I’m thankful to say are resolved now. And tonight is our group’s Christmas party, so I need to be focused and get things done quickly.

We are going to talk about getting the most bang for your buck. You may think you would do best to stay in the cheapest hotel you can. But in reality, you should probably consider getting in touch with some of the nicer hotels and see what discounts they have. Ask if they have special rates available. You never know what you may be able to qualify for. Nicer hotels are going to have nicer amenities and better service.

You may also want to consider getting a room that has its own kitchenette. Cooking may not be your favorite thing, but eating out for every single meal is going to cost you a pretty penny. I know a lot of family will get food everyone can eat for breakfast and lunch and then then eat dinners out. Having a kitchen in your room will make it easier to do takeout which is also often less expensive than going to a sit down restaurant.

Making your plans well in advance can usually save you money… I am going to be honest, as a travel agent I get all kinds of travel deals through e-mail. My problem is, I have no idea what people are interested in. I’m never sure if anyone I’m working with would be interested in these deals .. Anyway, I would love to hear about your travel interests.

Building a tourist town?

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It is Monday. I had an incredible weekend, getting to hang out a couple different times. But I’m not disappointed to be back to work because I do enjoy my job.

Anyway, the story that looked most interesting in the travel news is about a town that has decided to undergo major renovations in order to become a tourist town. It is located in the Cabos area. They are going to add a new boutique hotel, several residences [which I think will be like condos], They are hoping to attract a variety of travelers, including wellness travelers and those interested in the arts.

This is the project of a Colorado real estate investment firm which hopes to start attracting guests in March of this coming year. People will be more than welcome to stay in condos whose owners are away and willing to rent their places out. The hotel which is only going to have twelve rooms in the beginning is expected to open the following year.

Since this is a shorter post, let me add that if you want to read more on travel, I have access to travel e newsletters. All you have to do is go to my website at and put your e-mail in there. But if you really want to just get the right newsletters, contact me at, and I would be more than happy to work out a travel profile with you. Please let me know if you are interested in that.

Reasons to consider a destination wedding


It is Friday, and I’m kind of torn between wanting to relax, and having a lot of ideas for work… See, I listened to a webinar about blogging, and that has given me a lot of ideas. But whatever I do this weekend, this needs to be done. So let’s get started.

Destination weddings are getting more and more popular. I know that this is especially true for older couples, these weddings are often less formal, and more for you and your closest friends. First, you should know that there are a lot of beautiful places, and beautiful resorts where you can get married. A lot of resorts have been doing weddings for a long time, and have their own wedding coordinators and everything. A lot of resorts are on private islands, which is nice if you decide to honeymoon at the same resort.

Resorts have a variety of wedding packages that will ensure that your big day is perfect. Resorts are often prepared to do anything from a wedding with ten guests to hundreds. Their staff will communicate with you beforehand to make sure this is truly your dream come true.

Resorts have a lot of options for every taste and budget. So whether you and your new spouse would like to take adventures together, or just relax, you are going to be able to find the perfect resort for your wedding.. But finding the right resort is important and something I can help you. And I’d be more than happy to help.. But finding the right resort is important and something I can help you. And I’d be more than happy to help plan something like this. Please just let me know. n something like this. Please just let me know.

Where you should go in 2015


This may be a little early to post, since I know most everyone is getting ready for the holidays, and just trying to get through everything that goes with holiday time, gifts, family time, parties, etc. But today, let’s talk about some places you may want to go in 2015. The first place they mention is New York City, which as  you know if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, is one place I’d like to go some day. The city has some new hotels and microbreweries that you might want to visit.

We may not be surprised by New York being the top choice, but South Dakota is the second. Huh? The reason for this is that this state has a lot of natural beauty, as well as small town charm which would appeal to a lot of folks. It is also the home of Mount Rushmore which does attract a lot of visitors each year. This is definitely the place you can get back to how America used to be?.

Colorado is another place that is mentioned. Again you are going to find that this state is absolutely gorgeous. Colorado is, of course, a wonderful place to ski… And it is also where Focus on the Family has its headquarters.

From my perspective, it is never too early to start planning your ,vacations for 2015. The earlier you book the less expensive your trip usually is… Please let me know your thoughts.

Advice for cruise lines just starting out


I’m so glad not to be going away this weekend, while I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both Thanksgiving and this past weekend, it is going to be nice to not have to make any long drives. I’m thinking about doing my Christmas shopping, and things like that.

But anyway… Some new cruise lines are starting to sprout up, and so today, let’s look at a few things they can do to truly excelin this business…. And the first one is something I hear about a lot. Do not nickel and dime people! If you want to say that this is an all inclusive vacation, make it truly that. Don’t have your crew always expecting tips. Don’t charge more for specialty restaurants. Sure, we know that premium service comes with a price. So go on and charge people what it will really cost people to get the experience they want up front.

Cruise lines should also have ideas of what they want to be known for, and the services they want to provide, and actually perfect those things before moving on to “bigger and better” things. Do they want to be known for great service? They should train their staff until they are perfect. I don’t think anyone has found the best way to do internet. Maybe these new lines can work on improving that.

Some people don’t want to just go on a cruise , they want to know exactly what the different crew members do from day to day. So let us go around with the chef for an afternoon. Let us see exactly what the captain does when he isn’t at dinner.

Let me know if you have any suggestions of your own. I would love to hear them.