My huge Thanksgiving blessing

Getting your passpI have some news that I can still hardly believe. My family usually does pretty simple Christmases as far as gift giving goes. We’ll usually get a little something from one another and then decide on people in need to give to together. And when Mom said something about this being a simple Christmas, I really thought little about it. But this past Friday morning when all of us were together after Thanksgiving, they gathered everyone together. They had a big surprise for me. Everyone in my family, except my nieces and nephews, have decided to go without Christmas gifts and instead give me money to go on a trip out of the country somewhere.

At first there was no question, I was going to England. I’m a writer as well as a travel agent, and I’ve always longed to see where people like CS Lewis and Jane Austen lived and wrote. I knew I wanted to see London as well, hoping to at least take in a play at the Globe. And of course, as a Downton Abby fan, I would like to see where my favorite show is filmed.

And then something happened on Saturday that has kind of made me question where I really want to go. If this trip is to be an once in a lifetime experience, and it would be unless my life were to change pretty dramatically, where would I really want to go?. Someone came from Israel to meet with my parents. And I ended up listening to their meeting a lot. Going to Israel would truly be a dream come true, just like England would be… I spend a pretty good bit of time in the scriptures day by day. Seeing those places I’ve read about would be awesome.. So I’m not really sure what I am going to do at this point. I need to think and pray this through. I think I’m also going to talk this through with some close friends

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