Getting a passport #2


I am going to be on the road this Friday, and I don’t think I am going to be able to do this. Kind of have mixed feelings about this trip because there is a lot I want to do here. But anyway, somehow it will all get done.

Now let’s get back to how to get a passport. You will have to submit your passport application in person if you are applying for the first time. You will also need to apply in person if you have changed your name since you got your last passport, or if it has been more than fifteen years since your last passport was issued. You will also have to do this should your passport get lost or stolen. In order to to do this, you will have to go what is called an “Acceptance Facility”, usually they will have these at the main post office in your area, your public library, clerks of court, or other local officials. It is probably best to look up your local acceptance facility before you head out..

You might want to keep in mind that while you are allowed to renew a passport through the mail, it is not the most secure thing to do. So you will want to remember that, especially if you need your passport quickly.

Wow, I’m kind of surprised by how much a passport actually is. it is going to cost you $135 if you are getting your passport for the first time as an adult. It is less for minors or adult renewals.. Let me know your thoughts.


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