How to get a passport for your child


I am having some trouble getting my mind in gear for work. It’s December, the beginning of the holiday season. I have a lot on my mind with the trip I’m going to take and the holidays. But this needs to be done, so I am going to get started on that.

Back to our discussion about getting passports. Today let’s talk about getting a passport for your child, which is more complicated. You will have get something saying that both of you parents agree to get your child a passport. If you are divorced and are not on the good terms with the other parent, this may get more complicated. But hopefully your family is still in tact, and you won’t have to worry about that. It is best if both the parents take the child and go to the application place at least six weeks before you plan to leave on your trip.

You are going to need something that proves that you are the child’s parents. You will also need to sign something that says you consent to have your child get a passport. You will need to have something that proves that you are a citizen of this country. You should also have a passport photo for your child, and your fees. It is best to have the child’s birth certificate. I am going to stop here. If you have questions about getting your children’s passport, please let me know. I’ll be more than happy to help figure it out.

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