Time warp, anyone?


I’ve been taking care of something that had a deadline today. I think that everything has been taken care of now thankfully. I am tired, but truly ggrateful to have everything figured out. Now to take care of the things I do each day. Like this…

This might interest those with school children more than anyone. Today I am going to talk about some American tours. Shebby Lee Tours may not be the most known tour company out there, but it is one of the more creative tours around. And all of their tours are based on history.

Are your children studying the Civil War in school? This company offers Civil War tours that would be the perfect supplement to their studies. Not only will your family get guided tours of all the major battlefields, you will also get to see several reenactments.

Or maybe you’re more into the explorers. You can follow the trails of Lewis and Clark, see some of the Arizona trails, and things like that.

Ooh, this would be my thing, they are going to start offering some literature tours. They are going to do a tour of The Great Gatsby, where you’ll feel like you’re living in that era.. Let me know if you’re interested in these tours.

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