Take a cruise for New Year’s?


Do you have plans for New Year’s? It sounds like my siblings are going to gather after Christmas, and my hope is that most of us will be together on New Year’s…

Since the holiday is only two weeks away, I think it’s a little late to plan anything for this year, but there is always next year to consider… The first New Year’s cruise that is mentioned in the article I’m reading  Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas. All of their holiday cruises are filled with fun for the whole family. The menu choices will be sure to satisfy your holiday cravings. And of course, they will have a New Year’s celebration.

Azamara has a two week cruise that leaves from Singapore.On this cruise , you will spend Christmas in Bora Bora, and New Year’s in Hong Kong which puts on a big New Year’s celebration. you would get to eat barbecue with the crew and enjoy a nice dessert bar. Yum, I’m a huge fan of dessert.

If you would start the new year relaxing,, check out the Royal Clipper. It carries less than two hundred and fifty passenger . Everyone is going to get a massage and a bottle of champagne..

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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