Viking explorations #5

There is no question I love my job, but I love weekends too. I love my time with friends. And honestly, working the way I have to right now is exhausting.

Let’s get back to Viking. There will be air conditioning in your rooms. You will also have a telephone, refridgerator and a safe in your room. Your bottled water supply in your room will be replenished daily.

Viking has a library on each ship that has literature from the country or countries that you are visiting. There will always be a doctor on board in case of any emergencies. You will habe access to lanudry service. There is also an on board boutiqque.

I am going to stop here. Hopefully soon things will be back to normal.


Exploring Viking #5

Well, going to the doctor inspired Mom to start working on getting me a new wheelchair, which I actually have an appointment today… Have a feeling this may move quickly, but we will see. So I am going to go on and do this, not sure what the afternoon holds.

I’ll be honest, I’m getting tired of going through a cruise itenary day by day, so let’s do something a little different. We’re still discussing Viking because I can’t do much research on the internet. But today let’s look more at some of the perks of going with Viking. All staterooms are going to have a view of the river. All suites are 400 square feet, which is phenomenal for private accomodations on a cruise ship. The bathrooms are private and modern, with a seperate shower. You can request bathrobes and slippers to be available in your rooms. The bed configuration situation is similar to a hotel in that you can request either two twin beds or one larger bed. Each suite will have two flat screens with something like cable.

I am going to stop here and get back to this tomorrow. Let me know if you have any questions.

Viking #4

Can I do this in the time that I have? We’ll see. Today has been kind of crazy. We will see.I have been to the doctor. Hopefully we do have everything that we need now to get a loaner and get the ball rolling on fixing my deivce. I have so much I want to do.

Let’s get back to Viking. On day seven, you will have the option of either touring Nuremburg and its markets, or doing a World War II tour. I’ve always been fascinated by World War II history, so that’s what I’d do for sure. Day eight you will be exploring a Medieval city. Guessing you will explore castles and such. Day nine you will enjoy a walking tour and an organ concert.

Time is not my friend. I need tto get going.

Exploring Viking #3

I’m going to the doctor tomorrow, so I can get the prescription I need to get things moving on my communication device can get fixed. Hopefully, I’ll get my loaner sometime over the weekend. I’m so ready to get the loanerr and have everything working again. This has been hard, but I’m truly grateful to be able to work at all…

Okay, getting back to Viking… Obviously, the way I’m doing things right now is much slower and more tiring than my normal means of working, and I was tired yesterday. Anyway, let’s start over on day 4. It looks like you will be visiting Marksburg Castle in the morning, and cruising the Middle Rhyne that afternoon. Day five you will visit Residenz Palace, wwith an optional walking tour. Day six looks like it will be pretty much freer, giving you time to enjoy the luxuries of the ship. Wish they had more information on all this.

Viking does provide free internet, but the speed does vary. You will get one free wine/beer with each lunch and dinner you eat on board. There will be concerts you can attend both on board and onshore.
We’ll get back to this. I’d be more than happy to annswer any questions you might have.

Exploring Viking #2

It’s Monday after a rather full weekend, which was a lot of fun. But hopefully I can manage to work more thiuys coming week, despite my computer troubles. And hopefully by next Monday I should be a loaner which should give me acces to everything. Unfortunately, my biggest problem is internet/E-Mail, which is not fun when you’re trying to run an internet business. But I’ll catch up as soon as I can.

But back to Viking, Let’s take a look at what a fifteen day cruise to Europe might look like. Amsterdam is where your cruise will begin. The day you arrive nothing much is planned, so you can settle in and explore the ship. There is a captain’s reception if you would like to meet your fellow guests. And of cours, most of your meals will be provided to you by the ship, mostly consisting of whatever the locals would be eating. That first full day, you will be given the opportunity to tour the wind mills of Kinderjik.. The second day you will be visiting the Cathredral. The third day will take you to a castle.

I am going to get back to this tomorrow. I must confess that Viking is terrific to travel agents, and I would loive to do more business with them. Let me know if you are interested

Series on Vikiing #1

My communication device’s touchscreen is broken, has been for over a week. And honestly, it’s discouraging because, well, I thought I would bbe unable to work. But I’m experimenting because I’m bored and tirred of not working.
Today, let’s look some more at Viking Cruises. I have a rather long brochure from them, and think I am going to do a series on them, because that should be something I can do these days. First, Viking’s destinations are mostly in Europe and Asia. Second, Viking absolutely loves groups. It looks like for shorter cruise, if you have a party of ten, only nine will have to pay. And if you have a party of sixteen on longer cruises, only fifteen have to pay. Groups also get more amenities.
As this is an experiment, I am going to stop here and see if this works. Hopefully i will write more on Monday.

The most luxurious ship ever built #2

source (1)

I’m having a good morning with the computer, and I’m so grateful for that. I really enjoy my job, and I have to have a working computer in order to do anything.

So let’s get back to this most luxurious ship… Wow, these suites really look spacious. I see a Baby Grand in the living room area pictured above. Each suite is going to have a living room and two bedrooms. While on board, you are going to be able to enjoy a seven hundred seat theater where guests can either sit in regular theater seats or be at a cocktail table. The ship also has a lounge that will take you back to the 1920’s. This lounge has a dance floor you will be able to enjoy, this place will make you feel like you’ve stepped into┬áThe Great Gatsby. Another lounge has a country club feel to it. Here you can hear live music performed while sipping your favorite beverage.

Regent’s goal is to raise the standard for luxury cruises. And to my way of thinking, they have done a pretty good job. Let me know if you are interested in taking one of these cruises. I will be more than happy to help you out.

The most luxurious ship ever built?


Yes, I know I missed yesterday, I’m once again having problems with my communication device. having one problems after another is getting so frustrating. But anyway, I have a lot I want to try to do today, so let’s get started.

Regent Cruise Lines is building what they call, “the most luxurious ship ever built”, so let’s look at that today. For starters, the only accommodations on board are suites.┬áThe ship will also be among the most spacious in the industry. One type of these suites will contain your own personal spa, and a glass enclosed sitting area. You might also like to know that this is going to be among the most all-inclusives in the market.

You are going to have to make reservations if you want to eat at their steakhouse, which is only opened for dinner. However, your meal comes at no additional charge to you. This is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic dinner. There is a main dining room which serves all three meals, or you can get breakfast and lunch buffets in a glass enclosed room., which will transform into a nice Italian restaurant at night.

I am going to stop here for now and may get back to this tomorrow… I would love to know your thoughts.


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I am going to be honest, I’m having a hard time finding motivation to work. I have a great book I’m reading and am just feeling down about some personal stuff. But I am going to get the necessary things done at least.

Let’s look at tours as a whole today. Tours are big lately, and a lot of tour companies had a very good year in 2014. People are finding that they like having someone else plan their vacations for them. It is not that people don’t like relaxing and having downtime on vacation, they do. But planning what to do on your vacation takes time, and a lot of people just do not have the time to think through all of that anymore. Tour companies can also establish relationships with the people in the areas they are visiting gives the people going on the tours a more authentic experience. For example, say there is a bakery that everyone on the tours just love. Over time, a tour tour operator becomes friends with the bakery owner. And then the people on the tours can not only the baked goods, they can also see how the bakery is run.

A lot of people are wanting to get to know the locals. They want to sleep in the castle. They want to do what your average person who lives in that area would do. If this kind of thing interests you, please let me know.

Sandals updates


To be perfectly honest, I’m kind of frustrated. See, I had this almost finished my post for today this morning. And then somehow I lost it. And I can’t find the post in any of my draft folders or anything. So let’s get started .

Sandals is about to open a new resort in Barbados the twenty-eighth of this month. Sandals has been renovating this property since they purchased it in 2013. This property is going to have almost three hundred.

If you decide to stay at this resort, you will be able to choose from eleven different restaurants. There will be a French bistro and a Japanese restaurant. There will also be a steakhouse and an Italian restaurant. This will actually be Sandals’ first IItalian restaurant which to me seems kind of weird because so many people love Italian. I know I do.

Sandals is about to start working on another property in Barbados. The company also has plans to upgrade several properties in the Caribbean.. Let me know if you would like to know more about any of these properties.