Sandals updates


To be perfectly honest, I’m kind of frustrated. See, I had this almost finished my post for today this morning. And then somehow I lost it. And I can’t find the post in any of my draft folders or anything. So let’s get started .

Sandals is about to open a new resort in Barbados the twenty-eighth of this month. Sandals has been renovating this property since they purchased it in 2013. This property is going to have almost three hundred.

If you decide to stay at this resort, you will be able to choose from eleven different restaurants. There will be a French bistro and a Japanese restaurant. There will also be a steakhouse and an Italian restaurant. This will actually be Sandals’ first IItalian restaurant which to me seems kind of weird because so many people love Italian. I know I do.

Sandals is about to start working on another property in Barbados. The company also has plans to upgrade several properties in the Caribbean.. Let me know if you would like to know more about any of these properties.


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