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I am going to be honest, I’m having a hard time finding motivation to work. I have a great book I’m reading and am just feeling down about some personal stuff. But I am going to get the necessary things done at least.

Let’s look at tours as a whole today. Tours are big lately, and a lot of tour companies had a very good year in 2014. People are finding that they like having someone else plan their vacations for them. It is not that people don’t like relaxing and having downtime on vacation, they do. But planning what to do on your vacation takes time, and a lot of people just do not have the time to think through all of that anymore. Tour companies can also establish relationships with the people in the areas they are visiting gives the people going on the tours a more authentic experience. For example, say there is a bakery that everyone on the tours just love. Over time, a tour tour operator becomes friends with the bakery owner. And then the people on the tours can not only the baked goods, they can also see how the bakery is run.

A lot of people are wanting to get to know the locals. They want to sleep in the castle. They want to do what your average person who lives in that area would do. If this kind of thing interests you, please let me know.

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