Series on Vikiing #1

My communication device’s touchscreen is broken, has been for over a week. And honestly, it’s discouraging because, well, I thought I would bbe unable to work. But I’m experimenting because I’m bored and tirred of not working.
Today, let’s look some more at Viking Cruises. I have a rather long brochure from them, and think I am going to do a series on them, because that should be something I can do these days. First, Viking’s destinations are mostly in Europe and Asia. Second, Viking absolutely loves groups. It looks like for shorter cruise, if you have a party of ten, only nine will have to pay. And if you have a party of sixteen on longer cruises, only fifteen have to pay. Groups also get more amenities.
As this is an experiment, I am going to stop here and see if this works. Hopefully i will write more on Monday.

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