Exploring Viking #3

I’m going to the doctor tomorrow, so I can get the prescription I need to get things moving on my communication device can get fixed. Hopefully, I’ll get my loaner sometime over the weekend. I’m so ready to get the loanerr and have everything working again. This has been hard, but I’m truly grateful to be able to work at all…

Okay, getting back to Viking… Obviously, the way I’m doing things right now is much slower and more tiring than my normal means of working, and I was tired yesterday. Anyway, let’s start over on day 4. It looks like you will be visiting Marksburg Castle in the morning, and cruising the Middle Rhyne that afternoon. Day five you will visit Residenz Palace, wwith an optional walking tour. Day six looks like it will be pretty much freer, giving you time to enjoy the luxuries of the ship. Wish they had more information on all this.

Viking does provide free internet, but the speed does vary. You will get one free wine/beer with each lunch and dinner you eat on board. There will be concerts you can attend both on board and onshore.
We’ll get back to this. I’d be more than happy to annswer any questions you might have.

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