Disney turns sixty! #2


I have so much I want to do everywhere I turn. But I love my job and don’t mind having lots to do at all. My biggest problem right now is figuring out what to do… And I have a little cold, which isn’t bad.

But anyway, let’s get back to Disneyland’s sixtieth which is in July. Much the park, includIng Sleeping Beauty’s castle, will be decorated in all kinds of diamonds. If you have ever dreamed of taking your children to Disneyland, or going yourself, this may be your perfect opportunity to go.

The news article I am reading takes another turn. Apparently, Disney has been in the news lately due to an outbreak of the measles. It could have happened to any amusement park. reading more about this, measles is spreading across California, and the Disney outbreak is at Disneyland. The park has almost thirty thousand employees, which is kind of amazing in and of itself. A very small percentage of the employees have tested positive for the disease, but Disney is taking precautionary measures. Measles is prevented by and large through vaccinations. So if you haven’t had the vaccination you will want to be especially careful.

I must confess that I love working with Disney and hope to book many more trips with them. Please me know if you are interested


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