VA Beach

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I’m having some trouble getting myself into work stuff today. I’ve put a good bit of time in this week, and I’m tired.

But when I saw an article on Virginia Beach I knew this was what I would write about. When I was growing up, my favorite aunt lived in Virginia Beach, VA Beach as we liked to call it. My sister and I got to go up and stay with my aunt and her family without our parents. Those are among my favorite memories growing u. My aunt has always been one to spoil me, cooking my favorite meals, taking me swimming and other fun things.

But we’re not here to discuss my memories, we’re here to discuss travel. I think the most “touristy” thing we did was go to the beach one day while we were visiting. The city has more than two hundred parks. This is historically one of the most beloved beaches in the nation.

Beyond the beaches themselves, there are accommodations to fit every budget. There is an airport and public transportation. You will have some great dining options, especially if you love seafood… Let me know if you are interested in going.


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