Wedding destinations

0321_jm_bride and groom

My business is being created to help families reconnect through travel. You may get sick of reading those words, because I plan on saying them a lot, hopefully not just on here, but I am trying to get on a lot of other blogs as a guest. I’m working on that… But anyway, families start with a man and woman getting married. And honestly, what I’m hearing is if I, as a travel agent, do a couple’s wedding/honeymoon they will likely become my clients for life.

Anyway, today let’s discuss destination wedding . Twenty years ago, it was virtually unheard of for a couple to go to a foreign country to get married. Though Greece was encouraging some couples to marry there as an experiment. Destination weddings are often complicated affairs, so most tour operators have at least one dedicated wedding planner. They are going to work with you, and me as your travel agent, to ensure that everything is exactly the way you want it.

You now have many choices of where you can get married. The Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, South Pacific are just some of options. You can also get married on a cruise. Captains of ships can still officiate weddings

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