Destination weddings #2

0321_jm_bride and groom

I had to go to the doctor today. I’m fine,  just need to get a new wheelchair. And unfortunately, that takes some running around… I have so much I want to get done today. I have joined a new blog community, and want to play around on that , once everything else is done.

Now let’s get back to discussing destination weddings.. Bora Bora has an underwater chapel where couples can marry. You will need to wear helmets, and only the couple and their two closest friends can attend this kind of ceremony. But you will not need to do any scuba training. I’m not sure exactly how you are hearing the vows you are saying to one another. Everyone will be wearing white wetsuits. And someone will videotape this ceremony.

As I was saying yesterday, Greece was the original destination wedding place. Some Greek couples wanted to do their ceremony is the motherland, and so that’s how everything got started. But before long other couples started liking the idea of going to Greece for their weddings. Greece has a boutique cave hotel that is perfect for lovers and especially people on their honeymoons. Their three day honeymoon package include breakfast each morning, a candlelit dinner which will have three courses of wonderful Greek food, a bottle of chchampagne, and some chocolates.

I think we are going to return to this ttopic. Please let me know if you are interested, or know someone who is.

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