Take a road trip by yourself?

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I have pretty set things I do each day, this, working through e-mail, promoting this blog and through travel agent school stuff. But today received a request to do a booking. I’m working on this while I wait back from her. A new booking is always exciting because that is how I make money. But anyway, let’s get on to this.

If you are like many moms, one of the things you dream is having time to yourself. Some days you don’t feel like you are by yourself even when you go to the bathroom. But maybe you’ve been given the world’s best gifts, and your mother has offered to keep the children while you have some me time. Here are some advantages to going completely by yourself.

  • First, you are going to be able to set your own schedule. No being dragged out of bed if you want to sleep in. You are going to be to be able to go where you want when you want. You can decide what interests you.
  • Road tripping by yourself makes you more able and willing to make some new friends. When you’re vacationing with family or friends, you tend to keep to your little group. Meeting people just adds to your adventure.
  • You have no one complaining about the kind of music you listen to, or how loudly you listen.. You can also keep the car as clean or dirty as you want it.

Can you think of other advantages? Please let me know.

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