Viking comes to the States

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I started a post earlier this morning. But sadly I can’t find it anywhere. So I am going to do this again. Thankfully it shouldn’t take that long.

Apparently, Viking, who is known for its European river cruises, has decided to bring its services to the states in 2017. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn wouldn’t recognize these ships, because Viking is a luxur cruise line, giving you great accommodations and excellent food. You will also be touring some fine museums and other nice places along.

The first two ships are slated to be ready in late 2017, with four more to be ready over the next two years. The people who go on these river cruises will be touring the Mississippi River, enjoying stops at places like Baton Rouge and New Orleans, as well as St Louis. These ships will have a much more intimate feel than ocean cruises because these river boats only take about three hundred hundred guests as opposed to thousands on ocean cruises.

It is going to be a while before you can take one of these trips, but let me know if this peeks your interest.

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