Karisma Luxury

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I know, I know, I’m trying to build a business that helps families reconnect through travel. And most families can not afford to take the regular kind of vacation, much less luxury vacations. But sometimes it’s nice to read about what the rich and famous do. It’s fun to dream.

Karisma has just announced two new packages they are going to be offering. These will be available for guests who stay in a two-bedroom suites for five days or longer. The resorts are trying to ppromote themselves for milestone celebrations.

They are offering both a kid’s birthday celebration and an adult’s birthday celebration… The adult package will include a private cocktail party with appetizers, a chef-made dinner and birthday cake. You will also getHalf of a spa treatment and a free tshirt. The package also comes with free wi-fi. Kids can choose from a variety of amenities such as free wi-fi. They can choose the kind of birthday party they want. They will also get half off of a spa treatment.

So do you or someone in your family have a special birthday celebration coming up? I’d love to help you plan something like this. Please let me know.


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