Girls’ weekend anyone?

15455826707_962b521438_zToday has been busy with all kinds of things… My brother and his wife came and got their girls. I did an interview with my speech-language pathologist. And then this afternoon I went out with a friend. So I am just now sitting down to do whatever I can on work stuff.

rI’m just going to say this, a girls’ getaway sounds nice.. I love going to women’s retreats and things like that. I love my family, but sometimes it’s nice, and sometimes it almost feels necessary, to get away from your day to day routine and just relax with friends. if this is something you’re interesting in planning, here are some suggestions.

You and your friends will know what works best for you, but you might want to consider taking a road trip. People tend to bond when they are on road trips. Maybe it’s the sense of adventure you get on a trip like this. Or maybe being on the road makes you feel freer to be yourself. Or maybe the long hours in the car gives you a certain odor. But whatever it is, you do bond..

I talk about Orlando and Disney World all the time on this blog. But what would it be like to do Disney World without kids?? Have you ever wondered about that? Maybe you and your little group need the time to just relax and laugh at yourselves.. Let me know if you’re interested in planning something like this.

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