Put museums on your to do list for summer vacation


Summer is around the corner… If you aren’t feeling it yet, you will soon. How do I know it’s summer? People are starting to ask me to help them plan their summer vacations, and I love it. I need to get some different things today but first to make sure this gets done.

When you think about your summer vacation, you’re likely deciding how much of a vacation you can afford, what kind of hotel you want to stay in, and hoping that your hotel will have a nice pool… And yes, having downtime is important when planning a vacation, you may want to have a few structured activities planned as well. So why not consider planning your trip so you and your family can see some great museums… Before writing this post off, remembering that your parents drug to museums every single trip you made, and you swore to never do that to your child, museums have gotten more interesting through the years.. Museums come in all shapes and sizes, in all kinds of towns. You don’t have to go to large cities to find good museums.

Think about the things that your children love to discuss around the dinner table. Are your children into history? Do they love science and are always trying some crazy experiment? Or maybe you’re raising future artists who would like to see paintings and sculptures?.. If you let me know what your family’s interests are, I can help you come up with some different places you can visit. Let me know if you are interested…

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