More on private islands

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I’m fighting my usual Thursday blahs. I have several things I want to get done, hopefully I can make some progress today… I’m not sure whether to say anything about this or not since the letter is not actually written, but I’m trying to write a referral letter to get some more, hopefully a lot more, people Interested in my business. My hope is to get that written this afternoon. Please  let me know if you are interested in sending out some e-mails for me.. I’ll be writing the letters, all you need to do is send them out.. Well, you will need to give me your e-mail addresses too.

On to some travel news…  There is a place called Trinity Island that costs about $450 a night. Here you will have 150 acres of woodland to explore. You can go on long nature walks, or get lost in the ancient ruins of a monastery. If you get tired of being on your own, you can visit the mainland where there is horseback riding and things like that. You can also choose whether you want your own cook and/or babysitter during your stay.

And it looks like the least expensive island we are going to talk about is in California. It is called East Brother Island and will cost about three hundred a night.. The lighthouse you will be staying in four bedrooms, so you will not be completely by yourselves. This might be the perfect vacation to take with some close friends… Let me know if you are interested.


Private islands you can rent

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I saw this, and just knew I had to write about it. Things at home are kind of rough on several fronts.. Running off to an island with some good friends sounds better than I can say..

To my way of thinking, renting an island like this would be perfect for a family gathering or a small group of close friends. The first island we are going to look at costs around five hundred dollars a night. This is Villa L’llot. Their inn has just four bedrooms. This article only says this island has more amenities than the movie, “Castaway”, but does not go into specifics sadly.

For a little over five hundred a night, you can rent Isla Del  Burguillo, which is off the coast of Spain. You will actually be staying in a castle where there are six bedrooms, but be warned, there are only three bathrooms. So you will want to be careful who you want to bring along on this trip. This island is a sanctuary for black vultures

I am going to get back into this tomorrow.. So are you interested in something like this? Please let me know if you are.

Going to the Kentucky Derby?

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I seem to be on a roll with doing something a little different this week.. My sister and nephew are coming sometime today, so I’m trying to get some things done..

So has anyone been to the Kentucky Derby?. It is taking place this weekend, and I think all the hotels will be pretty much full by this point. But maybe this is something you can consider for next year. Most people are going to need at least a couple of nights at a hotel. And my guess is the nicer hotel you want, the earlier you should try to book.

Next let’s look at some restaurants you might want to try. Especially if you aren’t from the South, you will want to get some classic Southern cuisine at Hammerheads. You might want to try truffle fries at a bar called Sidebar.

Once you do get tired of the races, which would not take me long, I’ve never been into sports of any kind.. Anyway, Louseville has several nice parks and museums.. Let me know if you want any more information.

Saving for a trip?

I had an incredible weekend.. But I’ve got to try to get some things done.

I am going to do something a little different today. Today we are going to talk about money, more specifically we are going to talk about ways you can save if you are interested in taking a trip and don’t have a money now… I am from a family of eight, and my parents raised us all not to live in credit card debt. We grew up hearing my Italian great grandmother’s saying, “you no have the money, you no buy,”. So I think I’m prejudiced, but I don’t think people should put trips or other things on their credit card and not have a plan to pay for it.

The first thing you should do is make a plan of how you are going to save. It will help if as soon as you are paid to set aside some money for your trip. And a big help on that would be to put yourself on a budget. How do you do that? This is a very simple explanation, but take all the expenses you have, divide it into months, and pay everything as soon as you can.

Another thing you can do is to give up a luxury you allow yourself, maybe it’s coffee, or eating out, and then put that money aside for your travels… Another thing you can do is to book trips through me in advance and pay off the trip a little at a time.

Fantastic cruise excursions

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It’s Friday, and to be honest my mind is already on all the plans my family and I have with church stuff this weekend. But I am going to try to get a few more things done before I step away from work completely.

Cruises have a lot of walking tours and pretty normal things you can choose to do as your excursions. But today let’s look at some of the more unusual tours you can do on cruises.

  • You can ride horses in Iceland at midnight and still see the sun. On these tours you will see Viking Relics.
  • Want to go back in time on your cruise? Crystal Cruises does an excursion that allows you to explore falconry. If you want, you can go on a hunt complete with falcons.
  • If you cruise Thailand on Oceania, you will have the opportunity to ride elephants. You will also be exploring a palace on this expedition.

Let me know if you are interested in any of these.

Family theater

Most weeks, our family doesn’t do much on the weekends, unless we are going out of town.. But this weekend is going to be really crazy.. The newer church we are going to is hosting Revival on the River tomorrow evening. Saturday is Take the City. And Sunday is Christ Community’s picnic. I love busy weekends like this. I’m figuring I’m not going to be on the computer much at all with all the craziness.

I am actually going to a play tonight.. Family Theater.. Family Theater is a theater that uses mostly tteenagers , though older and younger people are involved. They do a lot of classic plays, but do write some of their own… My siblings did some plays with them growing up.. I know they did The lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. They also did Pollyanna.. But now a good friend of mine is very involved in this theater. And I like supporting her whenever I can.

I know this is short. But did want post something this week.

Going to a Renaissance fair?

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Some days I know exactly what I want to write about just at first glance at the travel news.. Other days, like today, finding something takes a while to find something interested enough that I want to write about it.. I figure that if I’m not interested in it, I’m not going to write about it well at all..

Has anyone reading this been to a Renaissance fair? If you haven’t but are planning to go this year for whatever reason, here are some tips for you.. You are going to see a lot of people dressed up in era costumes. It is totally up to you whether to participate in that aspect of the fair or not. There are plenty of people who don’t dress up.. If you would like to dress up but have nothing appropriate, don’t worry, there is always a shop where you can buy clothes right there at the fair. However, the one clothing must is comfortable shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking.

You might want to come hungry. Like any fair there is always lots of food being sold.. A lot of the food will be in the right era just like everything else you will find there. You will be able to get turkey legs, broccoli and cheese pies , barbecue pockets, fish and chips, and all kinds of things. You can also get different ales.

Top resorts for kids

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My life is getting crazy.. Having grandparents here is somewhat, even on them, or maybe I should say especially on them.. I’m adjusting to a new wheelchair and set up.. And I have lots to do.

Summer is coming.. And if your family is considering going to a resort for your vacation, you might want to consider these.. Especially if you want a vacation where you can enjoy sometime with your children but also want sometime to yourselves.

The first resort mentioned is Ochos Rios which is in Jamaica. They have a nanny service where all of the workers are certified. They also have a water park you and your children can enjoy. Your children can also enjoy the arcade that they have there.

Ritz Carltnos  in Mexico has children’s programs with an educational focus for children ages four through twelve. your children will be learning all about the ocean. They will also be learning about cultures… Let me know if you are interested in a vacation at a resort.

Luxurious getaways in Mexico

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I have a crazy week ahead, just have a lot going on with friends in the evenings. Not sure I am going to accomplish much extra. But sometimes it’s nice to take something of a break. And I love being with friends. So anyway, let’s get started.

We are going back to the same article we were looking at yesterday. But thinking about this more, theseluxurious resorts could work well for girls’ getaways and things like that as well as couples’ times away.. The first resort we are going to look at is El Dorado Royale. This is an adults only resort that has won several awards. You can get your own private pool. There are secluded beaches for you to enjoy. You can even get concierge service. As far as restaurants, you can choose from several gourmet places, including Italian and international. There is one restaurant that does dinner and shows for you.

Let’s move on to another resort. La Blanc Spa Resort is set in the heart of Cancun’s Hotel Zone. This is another adults only resort, and would be the perfect place to get away from all your cares and enjoy everything in the Hotel Zone. This district has a lot of great restaurants, and different choices as far as nightlife… Please let me know if either of these properties interests you.

Plan a romantic getaway in Mexico

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My weekends are getting crazy. And  I think things are just going to get crazier as we get into warmer weather.. I have more people I’m hanging out with and things like that. It’s kind of just a crazy time.Anyway, I have several things I want to do, so I need to get started.

Mexico happens to be the place I’m studying right now in travel agent school. And a good friend of mine has just gotten engaged. So this article from the travel news kind of caught my eye.. Cancun and the Riveria Maya both have beautiful beaches and so makes great places to take a romantic getaway. Maybe especially if you are wanting to do something kind of nice or on the luxurious side. And of course, Mexico is close enough to the United States whether you want to go for a long weekend or take a longer vacation, it’s perfect.

El Dorado CasiTas Royale is one of these luxurious resorts . It is a four star all inclusive. This place is on one of the beautiful beaches and is a favorite for destination weddings and hone moons. You can have a Jacuzzi in your suite. The resort also has top of the spa services, including classes which will show you how to give each other massages.You will be able to chooSe from twelve different restaurants and the same number umber of pools for the ultimate vacation n experience.

might pick this back up tomorrow, but haven’t decided. Please let me  know if you are are interested in this.