Cruising Scotland


Today is my birthday, and things keep coming up, like celebrationstuff. But I try to take my days when my sibling are visiting or when we’re out of town. Anyway, I think I have sometime to work before anything else happens.

Scotland, the home of beautiful castle, and great heroes like William Wallace. Isn’t this picture beautiful?. Many cruise lines make Scotland a one day stop, but today we are going to look at at some cruises that only tour Scotland. The Majestic Line has been offering overnight cruises to Scotland for quite sometime,, but now they are offering three and six night cruises. And their ships are very small, with room enough for only eleven guests at a time. Their ships are madeover fishing vessels. They are also about to start offering even longer cruises that allow you to explore more destinations.

If you are into eco friendly trips, you might want to try Hbrides Cruises. They have itinerary in Scotland ranging from four to ten day cruises. Even their ship is recycled from Norwegian. You will be able to see a lot of wildlife on these voyages. Let me know if you are interested in either of these.


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