Grandparents have been here a month

It’s Friday, and I’m getting tired. I have so much I want to do, but don’t think I am going to do much good right now. I can’t seem to concentrate right now.

It has almost been exactly a month since my grandparents came. Things were pretty good at first. I think everyone was glad to see each other as happens with families sometimes… But Grandpa has dimentia, and he likes to argue, has always liked to argue..

Remember when they were much younger. I used to love to stay by myself with Grandpa and Grandma.. Sure the two of them would argue while we were eating. But they would let me read for hours in quiet.. Sometimes Grandma and I would play war and other card games. Grandpa used to love playing tennis, used to play three times a week. Sometimes he would take us to the park or out to get hamburgers. We’d go up on the mountain to have picnics, sometimes we’d do that with my cousins were there..

Let me be clear on one thing. Grandpa never gets mad at me.. He’s always saying I’m his favorite. He says I’ve overcome a lot.. To be honest, because he can’t see or hear well we can’t talk much..

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