Private islands you can rent

630x355 (2)

I saw this, and just knew I had to write about it. Things at home are kind of rough on several fronts.. Running off to an island with some good friends sounds better than I can say..

To my way of thinking, renting an island like this would be perfect for a family gathering or a small group of close friends. The first island we are going to look at costs around five hundred dollars a night. This is Villa L’llot. Their inn has just four bedrooms. This article only says this island has more amenities than the movie, “Castaway”, but does not go into specifics sadly.

For a little over five hundred a night, you can rent Isla Del  Burguillo, which is off the coast of Spain. You will actually be staying in a castle where there are six bedrooms, but be warned, there are only three bathrooms. So you will want to be careful who you want to bring along on this trip. This island is a sanctuary for black vultures

I am going to get back into this tomorrow.. So are you interested in something like this? Please let me know if you are.


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