More on private islands

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I’m fighting my usual Thursday blahs. I have several things I want to get done, hopefully I can make some progress today… I’m not sure whether to say anything about this or not since the letter is not actually written, but I’m trying to write a referral letter to get some more, hopefully a lot more, people Interested in my business. My hope is to get that written this afternoon. Please  let me know if you are interested in sending out some e-mails for me.. I’ll be writing the letters, all you need to do is send them out.. Well, you will need to give me your e-mail addresses too.

On to some travel news…  There is a place called Trinity Island that costs about $450 a night. Here you will have 150 acres of woodland to explore. You can go on long nature walks, or get lost in the ancient ruins of a monastery. If you get tired of being on your own, you can visit the mainland where there is horseback riding and things like that. You can also choose whether you want your own cook and/or babysitter during your stay.

And it looks like the least expensive island we are going to talk about is in California. It is called East Brother Island and will cost about three hundred a night.. The lighthouse you will be staying in four bedrooms, so you will not be completely by yourselves. This might be the perfect vacation to take with some close friends… Let me know if you are interested.

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