Cool water parks

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Your family has decided to go somewhere on vacation, but the big big question is where? You and your husband just want to relax, take a break from your everyday life. But your children want to do something fun.. Why don’t you vacation near a water park? Below are some water parks you might want to try.

Water World, which is in Denver, Colorado, is one of the largest water parks in our fair country. It is also among the most popular because it has so many many unique features. And one of those is that they use sleds instead of inner tubes. They also have a couple of rides a family of four can ride together. There are forty nine attraction at this park, and each person will pay under forty dollars.

Wisconsin has another huge water park called Noah’s ark Water Park. This place has over fifty attractions. One of those is the world’s largest bowl ride. There is plenty for everyone to do no matter how old you are.

Do you want to go to either of these? I would be more than happy to help you arrange hotels and anything else you might need.


Mexican resorts

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There are certain things I try to do each work day. There is this obviously. And I check e-mail each day too. But I’ve found an absolutely free travel agent school, and I try to work on that several times a week. Let’s not discuss discuss how well I’m doing on that goal this week . But anyway, I’m studying Mexico lately.

So if you’re thinking about going to Mexico here is some more iinformation for you.. First, you should know that Mexico, especially areas that have a lot of resorts, is as safe as any major US city. Yes, it is wise to be careful with yourself and your valuables. Traveling with at least one other person, but that is always true wherever you go.

Anyway, there is a resort in Cancun  called Playa Hotels and Resorts Gran Caribe. They have a deal where if you and your spouse pay full price, two children will get in free which will save you a good bit of money. You will have access to kids’ clubs. Please let me know if you are interested in taking a trip here.

Should you go on a river cruise?

630x355 (1)Okay, so you know you need a break from your day to day life. Have you considered taking a river cruise? These are the up and coming vacations for the travel industry.

The first advantage of these cruises is that you will not be fighting traffic or having any worries. The cruise people are going to handle all the details for you. Your biggest concern might be deciding which of the scrumptious meals you are going to eat.And you should also know that river cruises are usually mucH smaller, more intimate affairs. So you will not be fighting crowds on the ship. The crew will have more time to serve you. This should also allow you to get to know your fellow passengers better.

You can make yourself at home on these ships. You will not have to to pack every time you move to a new destination. You will likely be stopping at a port most every day of your travels. Don’t get me wrong, there is usually plenty to do on the ship, but you will be seeing everything that you want to see.. Okay, please let me know if you are interested in a river cruise.

Work/life balance?

Yesterday I just felt like I should take yes a day to just relax, read, write some personal e-mail, things like that. Today the girls of my family went out to lunch, so today has been kind of crazy as work goes… We are going to be gone a couple of weeks in June, and I’m feeling very ready for a break. But anyway..

Before yesterday, I can not remember the last weekday I took off. And sadly, in America, we are not taking the time off that we should. We consider it noble to work even when worn out. A lot of people do not even take off when they aren’t feeling well.

On average, we earn twenty-one days of paid time off, but most of us don’t even take that… Of course when you work for yourself, there is no such thing as paid time off. Sometimes people can’t keep on saving their  paid time leave, and so whether or not they’re paid for it, they lose their vacation time. When you do not take time off, you lose your edge and focus.. Let me know if you could use some help planning a vacation.

Fighting jet lag


It’s Friday, and honestly I just want to get the necessary work things done and just relax this weekend. I’m feeling tired and unmotivated.

But enough about me… Let’s talk about jet lag. First, this is not something everyone just makes up in their head, it’s a real thing.. Having said that, let’s look at some ways you can fight this so that you can enjoy more of your vacation.

  • Before you even start on your trip, try going to bed an hour earlier and getting up an hour earlier, if you will be going to an earlier time zone. Do this one hour at a time for several nights if you are going to jump several time zones being prepared.
  • Try to rest as much as you can on your flight. The article I’m reading says not to watch movies or read. But I know some people find movies and reading to be very relaxing. I’m kind of confused on this one.
  • If you are arriving first thing in the morning, try to stay awake and do some sightseeing or whatever you are there to do. Try to go to bed at a normal hour so that the following morning you will be more on track.
  • You should not drink much on a plane.. You also shouldn’t try to induce sleep by taking sleep medication.

These are some things you can try. Let me know if you have other suggestions.

Best family programs on cruises


I am going on vacation for the first time in months the first part of June. And I’m so looking forward to it. We are going to see some dear friends. And hopefully taking a break is going to help get me more focused. I’m kind of doing what’s necessary.

Maybe you have been feeling like I am, kind of ready to get out of your day to day for a little while.. If you’ve thought about going on a cruise, but don’t know which ones might be good, here are some cruise lines who have gone over and above for families.

We are going to look at Royal Caribbean/Quantum of the Seas first. They have partnered up with Dreamworks characters. They do character dining you and your family can enjoy together. They have a wonderful children’s program where your children can have fun and learn about science. You will be able to enjoy carousel rides on board. They also have great teen clubs.

Carnival has what is known as a camp for kids. The camp programs last most of the day. There is also a night owl program so the adults can enjoy the night life.. Let me know if you are interested in either of these.

Is all inclusive here to stay?

630x355Things are getting pretty crazy around here I just feel like I have a lot going on in with my personal life, with my family. But I am going to try to accomplish something today anyway

let’s start with a history lesson. Cruise lines were the first to start this all inclusive vacation idea. They were willing to let everyone eat whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted to.Resorts are now trying to think of the next step in all inclusives which may mean including offsite tours and maybe some other things as well.  But now the cruise lines may starting to go back the other way. Having restaurants you have to pay for is  starting to be the in vogue thing. And now they have  sections on some buffets they are going to charge you for that are not on site. Let’s not start on their alcohol packages or whatever they are doing as far as internet service. I would love to know your thoughts on this.

More lesser known places to vacation


I have a confession to make.. My family has a couple of houses in other cities, and we used to go out of town at least once a month. I didn’t like it. I like getting into a routine and staying with it for a while… But we haven’t gone anywhere for longer than a weekend since Christmas, and I’m kind of getting excited about taking some time off.

Today let’s get back to lesser known vacation spots. First, let’s talk about Kiawah, South Carolina. This is an excellent place for golfers. It has been part of the PGA Tour several times. But this is also a beach town where people can enjoy normal beach activities. There are a lot of parks you can enjoy as well.

If you are from the northern part of our fair country and are looking for a quick getaway, you might want to try northern Pennsylvania. There are a lot of great state parks up that way. You might want to go to Niagara Falls while you are up that way. There is also a free amusement park in this area.

Do you want to do a different kind of vacation, you might want to go to Burlington, Vermont, home of the world’s tallest filing cabinet. There is a lake you can enjoy here, and the mountains are not far away. There are a lot of attractions here. Just ask the locals.. Let me know if you are interested in any of these places. I can help you book your hotel rooms or help you rent cars, things like that.

Places you may want to visit this summer

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I’m glad to be getting to work now.. Have several Things I need to do this week. So I need to do this before starting on the other things. Oh, I did find out that I do have a couple of trips coming up myself in the next month or so.

Some people are feeling the need to get away this summer, they just aren’t sure where to go. Maybe they want to do something on the inexpensive side. Or maybe they just want to try something different. Whatever the reason, below are some suggestions that might help.

Most people aren’t thinking of Alabama when they think of the beach, but there is a wonderful place called Orange Beach that many families have come to love. This is on the Gulf of Mexico, so obviously this is a good place to relax on the beach. It is also a place where you can see a lot of wildlife. And they have a lot of concerts during the summer months.

If you are itching for some amusement park fun, you might want to go to Ohio and visit a place called Cedar Point. Interestingly enough, my grandfather talks about riding his bike to this amusement park as a little boy. There are several water parks at this place.. Please let me know if you would like to go to either of these places. I will be more than happy to help you out.

A hotel comes to Legoland

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It is Friday, and I’m glad. I truly enjoy my work, but I’m tired. And honestly, I’m looking back on this week, and although I’ve worked a lot, I’m not sure how much I’ve really accomplished. Once my grandparents leave, I know my Mom is going to go away for a while, but I’m hoping to get some vacation time as well. We’ll see about that though.

Today let’s look at the hotel LEGOLAND has just built. The hotel actually opens today, and has about one hundred and fifty rooms.And it’s totally designed for kids. Each room will have at least eight Lego models in them. Premier rooms are going to have more than that.

You and your kids are going to be able to choose four themed rooms. There is the princess kingdom theme, the pirate theme, friends theme, and adventure theme. There is a pool there. Their restaurant has a Lego pit where the children can play.. Let me know if you are interested in anything like this.