The best islands in the Bahamas

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I had a really nice weekend. I had no idea what I was doing, but ended up getting to spend Saturday afternoon with friends which was a great time. Yesterday was kind of quiet but still nice. My Mom is planning to get away by herself for a while once my grandparents leave, feel kind of bad about her Mother’s Day.

But anyway, let’s get started.. Do you know that there are over seven hundred islands in the Bahamas? Some of those are not inhabited, and others are not really for tourists. But let’s look at some of the more popular islands… First, there is the Grand Bahamas, sounds like a hotel to me, but it is an island. A lot of the cruiselines stop here as one of their ports. Freeport is their capital city, and is the second largest city.But Lucaya is their hotspot for shopping, entertainment and good food.. They also have a great marina, which is especially nice for those that want to get away from large crowds.

Paradise Island is known for the resort Atlantis. I know my sister and her husband have been there at least once.. Anyway, it is a great luxury resort that features a huge aquarium, a large entertainment venue, and a water park. This resort is basically all that is on the island, but it is definitely still worth the trip. Let me know if you are interested in one or both of these.


2 thoughts on “The best islands in the Bahamas

  1. The Atlantis is purpose built for tourists and has a very ‘Disney’ feel to it – we spent a day there, but that was enough – if you want to experience the del Bahamas you have to get away from the tourist resorts. x

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