More lesser known places to vacation


I have a confession to make.. My family has a couple of houses in other cities, and we used to go out of town at least once a month. I didn’t like it. I like getting into a routine and staying with it for a while… But we haven’t gone anywhere for longer than a weekend since Christmas, and I’m kind of getting excited about taking some time off.

Today let’s get back to lesser known vacation spots. First, let’s talk about Kiawah, South Carolina. This is an excellent place for golfers. It has been part of the PGA Tour several times. But this is also a beach town where people can enjoy normal beach activities. There are a lot of parks you can enjoy as well.

If you are from the northern part of our fair country and are looking for a quick getaway, you might want to try northern Pennsylvania. There are a lot of great state parks up that way. You might want to go to Niagara Falls while you are up that way. There is also a free amusement park in this area.

Do you want to do a different kind of vacation, you might want to go to Burlington, Vermont, home of the world’s tallest filing cabinet. There is a lake you can enjoy here, and the mountains are not far away. There are a lot of attractions here. Just ask the locals.. Let me know if you are interested in any of these places. I can help you book your hotel rooms or help you rent cars, things like that.

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