Is all inclusive here to stay?

630x355Things are getting pretty crazy around here I just feel like I have a lot going on in with my personal life, with my family. But I am going to try to accomplish something today anyway

let’s start with a history lesson. Cruise lines were the first to start this all inclusive vacation idea. They were willing to let everyone eat whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted to.Resorts are now trying to think of the next step in all inclusives which may mean including offsite tours and maybe some other things as well.  But now the cruise lines may starting to go back the other way. Having restaurants you have to pay for is  starting to be the in vogue thing. And now they have  sections on some buffets they are going to charge you for that are not on site. Let’s not start on their alcohol packages or whatever they are doing as far as internet service. I would love to know your thoughts on this.

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