Work/life balance?

Yesterday I just felt like I should take yes a day to just relax, read, write some personal e-mail, things like that. Today the girls of my family went out to lunch, so today has been kind of crazy as work goes… We are going to be gone a couple of weeks in June, and I’m feeling very ready for a break. But anyway..

Before yesterday, I can not remember the last weekday I took off. And sadly, in America, we are not taking the time off that we should. We consider it noble to work even when worn out. A lot of people do not even take off when they aren’t feeling well.

On average, we earn twenty-one days of paid time off, but most of us don’t even take that… Of course when you work for yourself, there is no such thing as paid time off. Sometimes people can’t keep on saving their  paid time leave, and so whether or not they’re paid for it, they lose their vacation time. When you do not take time off, you lose your edge and focus.. Let me know if you could use some help planning a vacation.

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