Should you go on a river cruise?

630x355 (1)Okay, so you know you need a break from your day to day life. Have you considered taking a river cruise? These are the up and coming vacations for the travel industry.

The first advantage of these cruises is that you will not be fighting traffic or having any worries. The cruise people are going to handle all the details for you. Your biggest concern might be deciding which of the scrumptious meals you are going to eat.And you should also know that river cruises are usually mucH smaller, more intimate affairs. So you will not be fighting crowds on the ship. The crew will have more time to serve you. This should also allow you to get to know your fellow passengers better.

You can make yourself at home on these ships. You will not have to to pack every time you move to a new destination. You will likely be stopping at a port most every day of your travels. Don’t get me wrong, there is usually plenty to do on the ship, but you will be seeing everything that you want to see.. Okay, please let me know if you are interested in a river cruise.

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