Mexican resorts

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There are certain things I try to do each work day. There is this obviously. And I check e-mail each day too. But I’ve found an absolutely free travel agent school, and I try to work on that several times a week. Let’s not discuss discuss how well I’m doing on that goal this week . But anyway, I’m studying Mexico lately.

So if you’re thinking about going to Mexico here is some more iinformation for you.. First, you should know that Mexico, especially areas that have a lot of resorts, is as safe as any major US city. Yes, it is wise to be careful with yourself and your valuables. Traveling with at least one other person, but that is always true wherever you go.

Anyway, there is a resort in Cancun  called Playa Hotels and Resorts Gran Caribe. They have a deal where if you and your spouse pay full price, two children will get in free which will save you a good bit of money. You will have access to kids’ clubs. Please let me know if you are interested in taking a trip here.

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