Traveling safe #2

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I have about a thousand things on my mind. Between everything going on in my family and things with my business, it’s just a lot… And I’m not sure what I am going to be doing tomorrow. I think we are going to be somewhere where I can get internet, so I am going to be playing that by ear. Friday is my one day to be with my extended family. I’m not going work that day.

So, ssafety… You will always want to carry a phone with you when you are traveling. Having said that, you may want to consider buying a less expensive phone, especially if you’re someone who always wants the latest and the greatest. Phones are something most everyone wants, and people that are unable to buy one may try to take yours. Anyway, phones will help if you were to get lost or get n any kind of trouble.

You will want to carefully consider what you bring on your trip. Yes, I know everyone likes to bring their laptopexpensive waterproof camera, and everything. And I confess, I never try to leave my computer, but it is also my only means of communication. Be reasonable. How much are you really going to use the thing? You will also want to think through how upset you would be if something did happen to it.

I would love to know your thoughts on all this…


Staying safe in other countries

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I’m up and starting work early, which is always a good thing.. We have some family things coming up, and I know I am going to take some personal time, not just this week, but next week as well because a lot of family and friends will be around.. I’m trying to get ahead on some different things. We will see what happens with all that.

We have been going over some tips on tipping. Let’s go on to some ideas for safety… People have a lot of differing opinions on which ┬ácountries are safe and which are not. We are not going to get into that debate today. Today we are going to look at some general tips for keeping you and your things safe during your travels.

And the first thing we are going to talk about is money. you will want to keep all your cash in a money bag. You should look for something that zips up well . You will also want to keep it on your person at all times. But you will want to have some money stashed at the place you are staying, in case something happens to your money bag.

When it is dark, it is wiser to take taxis or other transportation instead of walking. Dark is a prime time for other people to rob, or otherwise harm you… We’re going to be looking more at this tomorrow..

More on tipping


To be honest, it has been a Monday. And by that I mean I seem to keep running into obstacles, and everything seems to take longer than it should. But anyway. I have a lot I want to get done, so let’s get started.

Let’s get back to discussing tipping. Almost everyone tips their server at a restaurant once they’ve enjoyed they’ve enjoyed their meal and are leaving. However, when staying at a hotel you might want to consider tipping as you arrive to ensure the best service. If you are staying at a lower end hotel, you should give them around five dollars when you arrive. If you are staying at a nicer place, you will want to leave twenty. Consider leaving the same amount any time make a visit to the front desk. They are the ones to hear most of the complaints. Doing nice things for them will go a long way. You might want to consider giving your airplane crew a box of chocolates to make sure they remember you during your flight.

Cash is always acceptable, but you can give other little gifts as well. Things that say, “I remember that conversation we had”, or “I was just thinking about you”. I would love to hear your thoughts about what you and your family do on tipping.

On tipping


I think I am going to take next Thursday and Friday off since we are going to Grandpa’s funeral… I’m doing okay right now. To be honest, working helps takes my mind off of everything.. But let’s get started.

Today let’s talk about tipping. Everyone knows you should tip at restaurants. A lot of waiter and waitresses are not making minimum wage. But who else should you tip, especially while traveling? I know everyone wants to save money, but remember that these people are trying to make a living as well. The best rule of thumb, according to the article I’m reading, is if you are being served by anyone you should tip them.

Why should you tip when you may or may not go back to the place. It is common courtesy. It is like saying please and thank you. You are also saying that you appreciate the job that they are doing. And if you are ever in a pickle, those you have tipped will be more likely to want to help you.

Let’s get back to this on Monday. I would love to hear your thoughts on tipping.

More cruises with days at sea

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I am going to be honest, I am worn out. I went to bed really late, didn’t sleep well, and we traveled today. But I hate not to do this if I can, and it’s too early to go to bed, so I might as well.

The next cruise on this list is Disney. On this cruise you will be going from San Diego to Port Canaveral, exploring the Panama  Canal. This is two week cruise, and you will have nine days at sea. Everything from Disney is family friendly, and there is always Disney magic sprinkled in. There will be Disney shows for your family to enjoy together. And the kids have several different clubs to choose from.

If you are looking for somewhere to simply curl with a good book, you might want to try a cargo cruise. There are no phones, no internet or anything like that. There are usually game rooms that have board games and movies. And you are free to explore any part of the ship you wish.. I think I am going to stop here. Let me know if you are interested in any of this..

Best cruises for days at sea #2

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My Grandpa died yesterday. We’re waiting to see when the funeral is going to be.. I’m okay. Grandpa was old, had all kinds of health problems, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he loved me.. Life is just kind of crazy right now. We’ve found out that the funeral is a week from Friday. I’m not sure how much I’ll be out.

Let’s go back to looking at these cruises with a lot of days at sea. Norwegian Cruise Lines has a new cruise to Miami. It starts on October 29. And you will actually have nine full days at sea. You will have a lot of restaurants and bars to enjoy on board the ship. There is also a dinner theater you can enjoy.

And then there is the classic transatlantic voyage on the Queen Mary II. You will have six days at sea.. They do things like serve you afternoon tea in white gloves. There is a spa on board. They are known to have quality restaurants. And of course you will have excellent service.. Let me know if you are interested in any of this.

Best cruises for days at sea

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We are on the road again. This trip kind of came up last minute.. But I do have internet, so I am going to get some things done.

Sometimes people go on cruises to go and see things. But sometimes people just want to go on cruises just to relax. And days at sea are relaxing. You can sunbathe by the pools there, play games in their gameroom, or take in shows. And of course there are always lots of choices of places to eat on any ships.

The first cruise we are going to look at is Royal Caribbean’s “Nowhere Cruise”. This is a three night cruise so it is not a huge investment of time or money. You will be sailing out of New York City.. Besides all the usual activities, you can go skydiving or attend trapeze school.

If you’ve ever wanted to go “across the pond”, as they say, Celebrity may have just the thing for you. Starting in April 2016, they will have a cruise that will take you eight days just to cross over. You will then be stopping in Spain, Portugal, and France.

I think we are going to look at more of these tomorrow, hopefully I can get internet somewhere. But do let me know if either of these sounds interesting to you.

Billionaire’s birthday bash

The job I had hoped to get has turned into jobs which is amazing. Hopefully this is going to work into something permanent. And the first thing is coming up rather quickly so I need to make that my priority. But I do want to get this done..

Have you ever been to a billionaire’s birthday party? Yeah, I haven’t either. But I’m just trying to do something quickly.. Velas Resorts puts together a three-night billionaire birthday package that is “perfect” for sweet sixteen parties and other coming of age parties. You will arrive by private jet. And your gift bags upon arrival will include edible gold and an Apple watch.Toto, obviously we aren’t in Kansas anymore.

You will be staying in the two bedroom presidential suites, where you can have up to ten guests. Breakfast will be served to you and your guests in the suite itself. There will be a beach party/concert where you can have up to three hundred guests if you are worried that you will have friends that you will have to leave out. Oh, you will also have a fireworks display, and you will also go skydiving.

All this seems a little over the top to me, but then again billionaires must think differently about a lot of things.. Let me know if you have any questions.

Great places to take a road trip #2

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I feel like I have a lot of different things going on in my business. I’m hopefully about to change myhost agency and have some things to do with that. I am also trying to get a job that would be big. It’s kind of a long shot, but I am going to try anyway.. So let me go on and do this so I can get to other things.

The first place we are going to talk about today is Las Vegas. That is another place we visited on our long road trip. If I’m remembering right, we just stayed the night there, didn’t do anything in the city. But I do know that you can get a nice room and good meals fairly cheap. You will want to have your own car so that you can explore The Strip at your own pace. There are parts of it that are family friendly. And it is not far from the Grand Canyon which is a beautiful place for families to explore together.

Seattle has a little something for everyone. Doing the Seattle Underground Walking Tour is highly recommended. It will give you a good idea of the history of the city. There are some great places to eat there as well.

I would love to know any questions you might have about any of this.

Great places to take a road trip


Yesterday was kind of crazy, because I was doing some other things yesterday morning. And I’ve just heard that we are going to have some dear friends come visit us this weekend. I have several things I need to do, so I am going to get started.

Maybe you are someone who hasn’t taken a vacation this summer. It isn’t too late to do something either with your family or with some friends. Road trips can take very little planning. So let’s get to some actual suggestions of places you might want to visit.

The first place we are going to talk about is New Orleans which is a great place for tourists. We used to go down there when I was a little girl. I know it had a really good zoo. But what I remember most is the bakeries. My used to get several different pastries and split them up.. I must confess that I have a sweet tooth, so I especially loved those times..

Our family has also been to the next place on this list, San Francisco.. And again I remember the food more than anything. We were on a long road trip across the country. We were visiting Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. I know we got several of those ssourdough bowls with clam chowder. You will want to walk around Chinatown. Full House fans will want to see the house where that show was taped. And you will also want to see Alcatraz, but you will want to plan that part of your vacation beforehand.

I think we are going to get back to this tomorrow. Let me know if you want me to make hotel reservations for you.