Once again…

I’m feeling the Friday blues, just wanting to be done.. So today I think we are going to look at reasons why taking a vacation is good for your health.

  • Taking a vacation gets you away from your everyday stressors. You will be away from your normal routine, whether that’s a high stress job or being with kids all day. Doing something different is always nice. Taking time to do things you love will often give you new perspective on life.
  • Stepping back renews your creative energies.. I feel rejuvenated after most weekends, especially when I can do something fun with friends. But sometimes your body needs longer than just the weekend to catch up and relax.
  • Vacations can also bring your family together. On vacation you do not have your usual activities that keep your family going ,different directions. You can take time to do things together. You can actually relax over dinner, have time for meaningful discussions. Vacations are also the times for families to make memories together.

Can you think of other ways vacations can help you or your family? Please let me know.


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