The American Girl dream

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I am going to be contacting another host agency, hopefully today. Travel agents who to work from home usually work for a host agency who works with all the different suppliers, help us when we need it, those type of things. My hope is to get them on the phone this afternoon to ask them some questions. I want to make sure that I can keep my business name and things like that.. Anyway, I need to get started.

I know my oldest niece absolutely loves American Girl. She reads any of the books she can get her hands on. She’s always saving up to get the next doll. She loves their movies… So anyway, you get the idea. This is something a lot of girls, maybe ages seven through fourteen, get into. Hyatt Regency has built a hotel in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia that is very close to the American Girl store.

Your American Girl experience begins when you walk through the doors of the hotel. Your daughters will get a gift from the hotel. Their doll will get their own bed.. You and your daughter can enjoy getting all dolled [excuse the pun] up at the salon to be ready for a nice dinner at the American Girl bistro. You can also go shopping one day. Your accommodations will be deluxe. Let me know if you’re interested in planning something like this. I would love to help you.

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