Billionaire’s birthday bash

The job I had hoped to get has turned into jobs which is amazing. Hopefully this is going to work into something permanent. And the first thing is coming up rather quickly so I need to make that my priority. But I do want to get this done..

Have you ever been to a billionaire’s birthday party? Yeah, I haven’t either. But I’m just trying to do something quickly.. Velas Resorts puts together a three-night billionaire birthday package that is “perfect” for sweet sixteen parties and other coming of age parties. You will arrive by private jet. And your gift bags upon arrival will include edible gold and an Apple watch.Toto, obviously we aren’t in Kansas anymore.

You will be staying in the two bedroom presidential suites, where you can have up to ten guests. Breakfast will be served to you and your guests in the suite itself. There will be a beach party/concert where you can have up to three hundred guests if you are worried that you will have friends that you will have to leave out. Oh, you will also have a fireworks display, and you will also go skydiving.

All this seems a little over the top to me, but then again billionaires must think differently about a lot of things.. Let me know if you have any questions.

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