On tipping


I think I am going to take next Thursday and Friday off since we are going to Grandpa’s funeral… I’m doing okay right now. To be honest, working helps takes my mind off of everything.. But let’s get started.

Today let’s talk about tipping. Everyone knows you should tip at restaurants. A lot of waiter and waitresses are not making minimum wage. But who else should you tip, especially while traveling? I know everyone wants to save money, but remember that these people are trying to make a living as well. The best rule of thumb, according to the article I’m reading, is if you are being served by anyone you should tip them.

Why should you tip when you may or may not go back to the place. It is common courtesy. It is like saying please and thank you. You are also saying that you appreciate the job that they are doing. And if you are ever in a pickle, those you have tipped will be more likely to want to help you.

Let’s get back to this on Monday. I would love to hear your thoughts on tipping.

2 thoughts on “On tipping

  1. I always tip servers, hairdressers, shampoo girls, nail technicians and pretty much everyone. The exception or where I tend to get confused is the hotel stay. If it’s overnight I usually don’t tip. If I’m staying 2 or more days, I tip about $5.00 a day. However, I don’t even know if that is enough. Great post!

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