More on tipping


To be honest, it has been a Monday. And by that I mean I seem to keep running into obstacles, and everything seems to take longer than it should. But anyway. I have a lot I want to get done, so let’s get started.

Let’s get back to discussing tipping. Almost everyone tips their server at a restaurant once they’ve enjoyed they’ve enjoyed their meal and are leaving. However, when staying at a hotel you might want to consider tipping as you arrive to ensure the best service. If you are staying at a lower end hotel, you should give them around five dollars when you arrive. If you are staying at a nicer place, you will want to leave twenty. Consider leaving the same amount any time make a visit to the front desk. They are the ones to hear most of the complaints. Doing nice things for them will go a long way. You might want to consider giving your airplane crew a box of chocolates to make sure they remember you during your flight.

Cash is always acceptable, but you can give other little gifts as well. Things that say, “I remember that conversation we had”, or “I was just thinking about you”. I would love to hear your thoughts about what you and your family do on tipping.

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